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The New Design Language for Stainless Steel Eyewear

The Ultralight Collection transforms surface to line — from flat metal to wire. An exceptionally thin cut out creates a wire-like cross-section of sheet metal. Classic shapes are paired with a new hinge to accompany this reduced design. The models in the Ultralight collection convey the characteristics of a fine piece of jewelry. This is the subtle art of reduction.



Disguise and Irritation

The Phasmid Collection is radical. It is the statement of creative freedom which moves Haffmans & Neumeister outside of convention. The collection is focused on the infancy of eyewear, its origin story, and, ultimately, on the transformative qualities of a pair of glasses. Adverse to norms, the Phasmid collection creates a new design language; it is the forefront of technical possibilities and the avant-garde… read more