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Our Friends in our Frames


Berlin is full of fascinating people—whether living here, or just passing through. Some of them we’re lucky enough to call our friends. We’d like to introduce them to you and show them off in their favorite Haffmans and Neumeister frames.


Christian Hoosen

Intimidating at first glance but behind his large stature and tattoo’d body, Christian is a lighthearted and jovial figure. A former graphic designer who one day dropped his day-job to pursue fine art and quickly rose to prominence. Using a variety of media, his works are often blunt and comic-like exaggerations of the people he meets in his day-to-day, exposing the aggression, pettiness and misery commonplace in society. Despite being dark reflections of humanity, the works are often bright and poppy, appearing funny and charismatic.

Christian is wearing Egorov in Black


Martin Blau

Martin Blau studied German language, literature, and philosophy, theatre studies, and in Paris studied acting and directing. He has had roles in movies like Ginger und Fred (Federico Fellini) and Die zweite Heimat (Edgar Reitz), as well as in numerous TV productions. He has been a theatre director in Hamburg and throughout Germany since 1990, and a lecturer at the Akademie für darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg since 2013.

Martin is wearing Lovelace in champagne (above) and Conway in black (bottom left)


Flatbush Zombies and Kirk Knight

We were fortunate enough to be invited to see Flatbush Zombies and Kirk Knight when they toured through Berlin. There are few acts that perform with the energy of Flatbush Zombies. Their shows are reminiscent of a Guns N’ Roses or Nirvana concert—a hybrid of Axl Rose’s frantic, high-velocity showmanship fused with Kurt Cobain’s stage diving. Erick, Juice, and Meech are rockstars.

Above from left to right — Erick is wearing Turing in rose gold, Meech is wearing Opium in argentum, Kirk is wearing Wraith in champagne and Juice is wearing Laudanum in argentum

Bottom left — Kirk is wearing Wraith in gold. Bottom right — Juice is wearing Laudanum in argentum

Photography by Darryl Richardson


Inka Friedrich 

Inka Friedrich, born in Freiburg im Breisgau, studied acting at the Hochschule der Darstellenden Künste in Berlin. She began her acting career in 1988 in Basel, followed by permanent and freelance engagements in various renowned theatres in Germany and Switzerland. She achieved great fame through the feature film Sommer vorm Balkon by Andreas Dresen, in which she received the Silver Hugo Award for Best Actress at the Chicago Film Festival for the role of “Katrin,” as well as a nomination for the German Film Award for Best Actress in the Main Seat.

Inka is wearing Fawcett in gold (above), Centennial in black (bottom left), and Gray in gold (bottom right)


 Josh Craig

Josh Craig, otherwise know as “The Josh Craig” is an audio and visual artist out of Brooklyn, New York. His work occupies a realm of spacey analog synths, layered with his smooth, soulful house vocals, and accompanied by clips of glitched out VHS video. Josh is a super intelligent, inspiring and stylish guy who, lucky for us, looks fantastic in just about everything.

Josh is wearing Hamilton in Lava Red (above) and the unreleased concept piece Lazer (below)


Hans-Werner Meyer

Hans-Werner Meyer, born in Hamburg, is most known from the series "Die Cleveren" and "Letzte Spur Berlin.” He studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover, and began his acting career at the Residenztheater in Munich. He was a permanent member of the Schaubühne Berlin ensemble and has appeared in over 150 film and television roles. He received a Bavarian Television Award for his role as Dominik Born in "Die Cleveren" and was nominated twice for the German Television Award. 

Hans is wearing Gray in gold (above) and Listing in black (below)