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The name Phasmid derives from the insect group Phasmatodea. An Ancient Greek word for phantom or apparition, these insects have evolved to appear to look like sticks or leaves. It is a fascinating act of pretending to be something other than what they are. The Haffmans & Neumeister Phasmid collection is dedicated to those who are also attracted to acts of metamorphosis.

Take advantage of transformation possibilities and choose where you want to time travel to: Models Morphine and Opium are inspired by mid-19th century Chinese eyewear fashions during the smoke-filled Opium Wars. Round Absinthe and tiny oval Laudanum summon the time of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley or of Voltaire – be transported to their Swiss Villa gardens, under the fresh summer sky, daydreaming of galvanization or “the best of all possible worlds”.

All styles are finished with our special Argentum coating. The lens colorways are based on those that would have served “medical” purposes in those eras, e.g., in order to cure depression or hysteria. Enjoy Litmus Blue, Lucid Green, Potassium Violet, or Amber Brown.

Haffmans_Neumeister_Tina_Winkhaus_Phasmid_ Opium_Banner_3000px.jpg

Photography by: Tina Winkhaus